One-Term President

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if you want to participate in an ongoing project to buy full-page ads in the New York Times ($47,000 each).

Download the stencil and make yourself a t-shirt.

or buy one at cost.

Download Kit

Download Poster in PDF Format

1. Download poster and print.
2. Post everywhere.

Download Stencil in PDF Format

1. Download stencil and print.
2. Glue stencil onto a more durable material [cardboard, acetate], or laminate the sheet.
3. Cut out the black areas [exacto knife works best].
4. Tape to your target and get spraying.

Download Large [3 1/8"] Button in PDF Format
Download Small [2 1/4"] Button in PDF Format

1. Download button and print.
2. Cut around circle.
3. Follow the instructions on your button maker for best results.

Download Sticker in PDF Format

1. Download sticker and print onto printer-safe sticker paper. Or print onto regular paper, and take it to your local copy shop to be copied onto sticker paper.
2. Cut around guidelines.
3. Stick everywhere.


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