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What are people saying about Here are some quotes from actual emails we've received —

"I have issued [you a refund] in the amount of $35 for Bounce Script. Because the EULA you agreed to when installing the font has no language expressly prohibiting the use of our fonts in anti-war campaigns or using my Lord and Saviour as propaganda for promoting your cause, I can only ask that you respect my wishes not to use the Bounce Script font or any of our fonts in your designs.
Please do not order from us again in the future."

Chuck Davis, President
Letterhead Fonts, Lancaster, CA, US

"Great site. Great art. Graphic Designers do it best!!!
Mika Mäkelä

"Ever thought about just being proud to live in your country for once? You think your [wrong word] living in a hell? Go to one of those African countries and look at all the suffering people. I doubt you could servive [spelling] in one of those countries you pussy ass bitches. If you want to help world peace donate money to a charity, or better yet go do some missionary work for a church. Instead of sitting their [wrong word] making posters about how bad the world is, why dont [punctuation] you go out and do something productive with yourself?
 P.S. stop being a worthless human being you hippy."

Daniel Twetem
Tacoma, WA, US

"Keep up the WONDERFUL work!!!"
Mark Lee Goldberg
Los Angeles, California, US

"I respect your right to do what you do, I will be praying for you...
John Aucoin

"You bastards need to get a life... you are TOTALLY CLUELESS!!!"
Barry L. Parker
New York, US

"Thanks for your great website. Dick Cheney is on our campus today — Rice University in Houston — and many of us who were going to protest were told that the Secret Service had forbidden any such activities. They have cordoned off a large area of our campus. So I printed out the 'Cheney-Evildoer' poster... and plan to carry with me later today where staff, students and faculty will meet up and protest anyway!
"This website is great because the posters are easily printed out, and best of all, THEY'RE FREE. Some of the best posters I've seen."

Judith Farhat
Houston, Texas, US

"Pathetic... say's it all for your web site!"
Kenneth Wallace
Rockford, Illinois, US

"There's great work on this website."
Adam Faja

"Wonderful posters."
Anna Falcone
Atlanta, Georgia, US

"Well done! Impressive site! I've just returned from giving Bush his send off in Sedgefield. Even though I'm sure it'll be edited out of the election videos, as he left his limo, you could clearly hear chants of 'Bush go home!' The smiling people who met him were bussed in through roadblocks and armed police. I was part of a crowd ranging from babies to a 90 yr old woman. Plenty of Americans there too, I'm pleased to say!"
Asif Sadiq
Middlesbrough, England, UK

"I think your artwork has made an impact for the greater good..."
R. Darren Lewis

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